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  • Club Saigon

    It all started in 1969 when Staff Sergeant Jerry Andrews of Special Forces A-Detachment 255 brought six of his team members back to Pleiku in body bags—It was the longest chopper ride of his life. Twenty-two years later, Jerry is a middle-aged police detective that has been assigned to a mysterious string of brutal serial killings in the "Little Saigon" section of Los Angeles. The similarities of the killings bring back ghastly memories of Jerry's three tours in the jungles Read More
  • War Crimes

    Coming in 2018, from the pen of Martin Robert Grossman, the second book in the Jerry Andrews Crime Series...... WAR CRIMES War Crimes is the second book in the Jerry Andrews Crime Series. It is, what the author calls, a meat and cheese, burrito book—fiction wrapped in a factual tortilla. War Crimes is the story about one Vietnamese family and follows the travails, hardships, prejudice, and horror they faced once they reached the shores of their new home—The United States Read More
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  • The Totems of Seldovia

    The Totems of Seldovia

    One dark night on a windswept beach, an old man, known to the villagers of Seldovia, Alaska, as The Teller of Tales, tells a story that he has never told before. His story is full of history, adventure, and intrigue. An aura of mystery surrounds the tale and draws you

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  • The Pigs of Lake Hood

    The Pigs of Lake Hood

    The Pigs of Lake Hood provides satirical humor for children from 9 to 109. It is sure to please and tickle your “funny bone” imparting an expansively different view of animal experimentation that was actually performed on Gull Island in Anchorage Alaska during the 1990’s. Written under the author’s previous

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  • Oscar the Otter

    Oscar the Otter

    Oscar the Otter is a delightfully charming story of a rather willful little girl, her somewhat rapscallion father, and a friendly, but hungry Sea Otter—who does Erin and her dad one gigantic good turn they won’t soon forget. Written under the author’s previous pen name, Michael Prince and illustrated by

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