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One dark night on a windswept beach, an old man, known to the villagers of Seldovia, Alaska, as The Teller of Tales, tells a story that he has never told before. His story is full of history, adventure, and intrigue. An aura of mystery surrounds the tale and draws you in like a warm fire on a cold winter's night. He challenges only those who believe his story and are brave enough to face the hazards of the trail to go on the adventure of a lifetime.

Three children answer his call; the older and more serious, Jason, his younger sister, the "pesky," Angela and his best friend, the "skeptical," Mikey. Together, like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, they try to unravel the myriad of clues that surround The Mystery of the Sea Cave; clues that can only be found in the faces of the Totems of Seldovia. Follow along with them as they try to find the key that will unlock The Great Wooden Door and reveal the secrets that lie beyond.

As the tale unwinds you will find yourself racing down a trail and hiding from a hungry bear. You will travel along a dusty road where the "Dust Devils" rise to meet you, or looking for clues in the old cemetery while two ominous looking Raven's stare at you like their next meal… Or, you could get lucky while waiting for the high tide to turn in Kachemak Bay and join our trio of adventurers for a lunch consisting of Mom's delicious blueberry pie.

The Totems of Seldovia will take you on a roller coaster adventure in the age of innocence. A search for treasure beyond your wildest dreams… So, come along with us in search of the secrets of The Totems of Seldovia.

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