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Club Saigon Review by SSgt Mark Dehe; U.S. Air Force

"Club Saigon - a realistically gritty crime drama that succeeds in painting a vivid picture of the unspoken struggles often experienced by Vietnam Veterans long after returning home."

"No account has captured the silent struggle of the Vietnam Veteran more successfully than Club Saigon. A realistic crime drama that paints a masterfully gritty picture of the unending pain experienced by the veteran long after returning home."

- SSgt Mark Dehe; U.S. Air Force

Club Saigon Review by Howard Sanger

“Club Saigon” hits the nail right on the head: If the career politicians send American GI’s to fight, then the career politicians should get out of the way, and let the career military do the job. it made no sense to me that the politicians
in Washington, D.C. were making us GI’s play by the Marquess of Queensberry Rules . . . which wasted 50,000+ GI lives

— Howard Sanger, Esq
1/83 Arty RVN

Club Saigon Review by David R. King

“Club Saigon is a fast-paced, action packed murder thriller that is equal parts police and military drama. In addition to entertaining his readers, Mr. Grossman sheds much needed light on the struggles too many Vietnam Veterans continue to face to this day.”

— David R. King
LTC(R), U.S. Army

Club Saigon Review by Jerry L England

“Club Saigon” reminds me of the gritty Matt Helm stories I read back in the 1960s. His lead character, Police Detective Jerry Andrews, is jaded, ruthless, pragmatic, and yet somehow competent—I can’t put it down!

— Jerry L England
US Army, 7th SFG, Airborne Author: Reel Cowboys of the Santa Susana’s, Rendezvous at Boulder Pass, Ripples from La Prairie Voyageur Canoes

Club Saigon - Review by James Clendenin

“Club Saigon” is a murder mystery with an abundance of intrigue, plenty of action and never lacking in interest or excitement. It’s a combination of military and police work set in the aftermath of Vietnam War. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, in fact, it’s one of the best I have read.

— James Clendenin

5th Special Forces/A-243 RVN 1968

Orange County Deputy Sheriff