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Martin Robert Grossman writes adventure stories for children aged approximately 9 to 13. His stories take place in Alaska locales. He features children in positive working relationships with adults while still showing them with a precocious wisdom that endears readers to the characters. Even though his stories are fiction, he provides substantial information on human nature, wildlife & the natural sciences. His topics are well researched & he's achieved local success within schools in his hometown of Anchorage, Alaska. Instructors have used his books as classroom educational material. Sundog Publishing's books display the "Made in Alaska" emblem. This denotes that all facets of production were done within Alaska. We proudly use children as artists & provide short biographies of them as well as the author. All books are printed & assembled by Alaska Specialized Education & Training Services (ASETS), a training & employment program for Alaskans with substantial disabilities. 

THE TOTEMS OF SELDOVIA is a fast-paced adventure tale of three children who go on a trail of adventure seeking an elusive treasure from an old mariner's map. The clues lie in the uniquely painted fire hydrants & landmarks located in their hometown of Seldovia, Alaska.