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Seldovia is a tiny town located in southcentral Alaska at the Pacific Ocean. In Totems of Seldovia author Martin Grossman paints a delightful mystery told by the Teller of Tales. Charmingly, Grossman adds a bit of a wash with respect to the painting, the wash providing just a hint - not an illustration - of Alaska Native stories. A tourist to Seldovia would wonder how they missed totem poles. They're there, but one must look beyond the normal frame of reference to see them. Three children become involved in the secret of the totems of Seldovia: Jason, a ten-year-old boy, Mikey, Jason's friend, and Angela, Jason's tagalong sister. There is serious tension between Mikey and Angela, less tension between Jason and Angela. Totems of Seldovia is an enjoyable read of youthful perseverance to reach a goal. Designed for children, it does have an appeal to some adults as well, especially adults who want a short, slightly quirky, change of pace or adults who have children in their lives. I highly recommend this book for community libraries Chidren's Literature lists. Also available in e-book form ($6.99, 9781594335914).

Bonnye Matthews