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Totems of Seldovia - Review by Bonnye Matthews

Seldovia is a tiny town located in southcentral Alaska at the Pacific Ocean. In Totems of Seldovia author Martin Grossman paints a delightful mystery told by the Teller of Tales. Charmingly, Grossman adds a bit of a wash with respect to the painting, the wash providing just a hint - not an illustration - of Alaska Native stories. A tourist to Seldovia would wonder how they missed totem poles. They're there, but one must look beyond the normal frame of reference to see them. Three children become involved in the secret of the totems of Seldovia: Jason, a ten-year-old boy, Mikey, Jason's friend, and Angela, Jason's tagalong sister. There is serious tension between Mikey and Angela, less tension between Jason and Angela. Totems of Seldovia is an enjoyable read of youthful perseverance to reach a goal. Designed for children, it does have an appeal to some adults as well, especially adults who want a short, slightly quirky, change of pace or adults who have children in their lives. I highly recommend this book for community libraries Chidren's Literature lists. Also available in e-book form ($6.99, 9781594335914).

Bonnye Matthews


Totems of Seldovia - Review by Harrilyn Sager

Totems of Seldovia.. by Martin Grossman ... This was the first time (after many years of being retired) that I was not able to put a book down until I finished reading it. I forgot about dinner, had to take a break to go down to Carrs and pick up some chicken wings, etc. Marty, great job writing this... I felt like I could hear the children talking and that I was there..In short, it was FANTASTIC.. Any thoughts of making a Disney type movie on this?

It would be an honor for me (if I was not retired) to have you as a guest, an Author who lives here in Anchorage, to come to my class to introduce this book to children....especially my 4th grade class.

~Harrilyn Sager 4th Grade Teacher, Retired

Totems of Seldovia - Review by Google Books

Martin Robert Grossman writes adventure stories for children aged approximately 9 to 13. His stories take place in Alaska locales. He features children in positive working relationships with adults while still showing them with a precocious wisdom that endears readers to the characters. Even though his stories are fiction, he provides substantial information on human nature, wildlife & the natural sciences. His topics are well researched & he's achieved local success within schools in his hometown of Anchorage, Alaska. Instructors have used his books as classroom educational material. Sundog Publishing's books display the "Made in Alaska" emblem. This denotes that all facets of production were done within Alaska. We proudly use children as artists & provide short biographies of them as well as the author. All books are printed & assembled by Alaska Specialized Education & Training Services (ASETS), a training & employment program for Alaskans with substantial disabilities. 

THE TOTEMS OF SELDOVIA is a fast-paced adventure tale of three children who go on a trail of adventure seeking an elusive treasure from an old mariner's map. The clues lie in the uniquely painted fire hydrants & landmarks located in their hometown of Seldovia, Alaska.